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The Problem

Our planet is being polluted by our activity. The sea has millions of tonnes of plastic in it. If we leave it to free market forces the problem will get worse and worse. The structure of our planet is changing because we are burning fossil fuels. Our planet and the sun need to have the correct focal point for our planet to benefit from the sun’s energy. If we keep burning fossil fuels the structure of the planet will continue to change affecting the rotating of our planet and the way the planet orbits the sun. We have to make fundamental changes to the way we live.

The Solution

Telepathic Partnership promotes the use of new technology to help stop our planet’s structure from changing. In particular the Maynex initiative to convert existing cars to run them on water is exciting and great for the future of the planet – Water in Water out of the exhaust pipe.

The key thing is not to take water away from the planet as this would affect the structure of our planet. Water being energy made of atoms and electrons. Science teaches us that energy can neither be made nor destroyed. Scientists have tried to make atoms disappear, the only thing they achieved was to discover a new particle called a quark. To see the new particle simply use a stronger microscope.

Nanoflowcell also have some exciting technology running cars and domestic electricity systems using saltwater.

We take our hat off to the company in Indonesia who are making bags from vegetable matter that birds and other wildlife can actually eat without damaging these beautiful creatures. The sea needs to be completely cleaned of all the plastic.

We as a planet must stop making products designed to go wrong as these products are filling up landfill sites and eventually making their way into the rivers and sea. Unfortunately the problem is being driven by free market capitalism that needs income stream from the sale of new products. The answer here is to manufacture products designed to go on and on and make the fitting of new parts to an existing piece of equipment far easier. The fact it is easier to make a light bulb that lasts forever than one that fails is a disgrace to the Universe and an insult to our ingenuity being our ability to be clever.


The Problem

Health care systems are under tremendous pressure to breaking point.

The Solution

Use computer technology working alongside health professionals to identify patients problems and provide accurate health care information written by host sites that have the MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosks. In addition we hope to drive touch screen technology of a simple graphics driven system and not all that tiny text stuff on hard to use equipment into peoples living rooms to sit on the wall as a picture does providing health care information and video conferencing with health care practitioners. It is envisage each home will have health care medical equipment reducing the need to go to hospital for routine blood pressure check and other easy to manage self diagnostic testing equipment e.g. testing blood sugar and Bluetooth equipment to help existing diabetes patients.

Another exciting health care initiative is MediPOINT HealthPHARM treatment rooms. Again the incentive here is to keep people out of hospital by better use of pharmacies who can kick out product lines that are only tenuously health care and have a treatment room to offer physiotherapy and with correct equipment and staff even more complex procedures including kidney dialysis. It is envisaged pharmacies can use MediPOINT HealthPharm name to brand their treatment room for a small weekly figure and choose the option of a practitioner locator service to make sure the pharmacy has the right staff working in the MediPOINT HealthPharm treatment room.


The Problem

Our homes are using obsolete systems and tend to be dark depressing buildings.

The Solution

Home in a Dome is our geodesic dome initiative to provide a fantastic living experience being light due to high use of switchable clear to obscure glass combined with saltwater free electricity generators making the homes off electricity grid to the shock to oil companies and to the delight of all those who wish to save our planet from extinction.

You can join our Forum. We charge a minimal figure of £1 per week to be a member of our Forum.

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