Our Team

Michael – Projects Manager
Chetan – Mechanical Engineer
Henk – Architect
Tim – Structural Engineer
Katherine – Website Builder


Michael began work selling golf equipment in a Professional golf shop. Moved on to selling BMW motor cars and on to working for AAH in information technology. AAH now trade as AAH pharmaceuticals. Michael responsible for one of the first healthcare touch screen projects for AAH Hills Pharmacies now trading as Lloyds Pharmacies. Michael went on to work in conjunction with NPA (National Pharmacy Association) on a project called MediPOINT Touch Screen Systems. A computer storyboard was given to our contractor Visual response Limited of London including a generic skin module. Our competitor being a project from Siemens Brann called In touch With Health featured a generic skin module as described in the storyboard given to Visual response Limited. The contents of the storyboard were not used by Visual response Limited on the MediPOINT system.


Chetan has worked in the aircraft industry including working on a project for Rolls Royce aircraft engines. Chetan also has experience with automotive industry designing systems for various road-based transport.


Henk has comprehensive experience in the construction industry with an eye for innovative projects.


Tim has experience in glass-based structures and is well positioned to work on glass-based homes and the structural requirements of our Home in a Dome project.


Katherine is our star working on building our website including an exciting forum feature.

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