Out Of Africa

Unbelievably some people in UK still think human life began in Covent Garden, London. You could say they have been misguided and it is not their fault. It is clear to me that human DNA is approximately 99.4% gorilla so logically however gorillas evolved must be similar to human evolution. So humans and apes and monkeys evolved through a similar process. Gorillas actually have 24 pairs of chromosomes and humans have 23 pairs. You may say this is strange but on closer study we can see that a gorilla style creature’s chromosome pairs two and three fused together by the SUN to form the human chromosome pair number two which is approximately the same length as a gorilla’s pairs two and three fused together. Logically humans are primates.
We find many primates in Africa so logically as we find there are no gorillas in Convent Garden, London then humans must have migrated out of Africa. The SUN mutates, changes and adds to DNA in humans and in deed in all life forms. Mutations, changes and additions to DNA in primates lead to lighter skin offspring. Humans actually have brown skin there are no grey offsping are there only brown. As the skin got lighter and lighter the humans had to move out of Africa as the climate was simply too hot. Imagine living in Africa with light brown skin and no sun cream protection. You would burn up. So lighter offspring had to move out of Africa to the least area of resistance and most suitable environment. With no boats they had to stick to land and therefore migrated in a north east direction and then moving in many directions. The English language is relatively recent development. It is thought French was spoken in the UK before English so humans it seems migrated from France to UK.
Different species different DNA – Different DNA Different species. Therefore no such thing as human being as we all have different DNA. So every living thing has different DNA so everything is a species in its own right. Every living thing is an individual in its own right. Life is evolving perpetually.