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Appendix Organ Common to All Herbivores

Are we designed as herbivores and is diet nature or nurture?

Appendix organ common to all herbivores – We were designed with one of those! Eating animals is acidic ideally you want to be alkali. Is it nature or nurture to eat animals?

If we were all taught to eat vegan how would we behave? My nurse said of my blood test if everyone did what you are doing then she would be out of a job.

Life is full of choices and we choose to live as we do.

Those choices are influenced by media and parents. I also remember my home economics teacher saying you can only get protein from eating animals.

I am raw vegan so only eat fruit vegetables and mushrooms for vitamin B12. My protein levels and iron levels are superb. Cholesterol level of vegans is typically 3. If we all make poor decisions relating to our diet chances are most of us would be on anti-cholesterol statin tablets.

Who picks up the cost for those in UK? You and me in our taxes. Apart from health benefits of going raw vegan I am led to understand eating vegetation as other animals do is a better use of resources.

If it was normal to walk about with no clothes on how many people would want to be over weight?


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