Saltwater Powered Vehicles

We are looking to work with Nanoflowcell of Switzerland to sell a range of Saltwater Powered Vehicles.

How To Run Your Car On Water

Save up to 85% on running costs

Range 300 miles on one tank of water for a 2 tonne car

Hydrogen Gas On Demand

Converts water (including waste water & Urine) into 100% pure Hydrogen gas on demand.

Cleans Engine While Driving

It is well known that hydrogen gas and water will remove carbon deposit build up in your engine.

Prevents E10 Damages

  • E10 can cause water to accumulate in the gas tank which can damage the fuel injector system, Hydrogen will keep your injectors clean.

No Need For 02 Extenders

  • The system is not an HHO system and does not produce Oxygen so there’s no need for 02 Extenders or manipulators.

Increases Horsepower

  • Hydrogen has 130 octanes, when peered with water mist, your vehicle will have a noticeable increase in horsepower.

No Electricity Is Required

  • The system is based on chemical reaction with water + aluminium + NaOH (not electrolysis) so power is only needed to pump water into the system.
  • No lithium battery to go wrong.
  • No passing the problem of environmental pollution to power stations that produce the power to charge electric cars.
  • No lithium battery to dispose of.
  • No need for charging stations to charge electric cars.
  • Converts existing petrol and diesel cars to run on water so no need to manufacture an additional car.