Business Mind

Imagine your Mind was a Business
Imagine your mind was a business. A business with more positive assets than negative liabilities thrives and is in control. If a business has more negative liabilities than positive assets it struggles and eventually it will go bust. The business will lose control and be put in the hands of the Liquidator. The Liquidator will liquidate the assets. The mind works in similar way as I will explain below.
A scientist will tell you the body is made of atoms and electrons. Some scientists would replace the word atoms with quarks and in due course the quark will be split into even smaller particles and smaller again and again going on infinitely. Your mind is fuelled by breathing and eating which are essentially the same as particles and electricity are absorbed into the body through the lungs and stomach. Both these types of organs have similar properties having membranes for the diffussion of particles and electricity into the blood stream. The brain produces thoughts which are a flow of electrons fuelled by breathing and eating. Some thoughts are positive and can be regarded as assets to your Business Mind. These being love. Some of your thoughts are negative liabilities. These being hate.
The idea in life is to make sure you have more positive love assets than negative hate liabilities and that way you remain in control of the Business Mind. Should your negative hate liabilities be more than your positive love assets then you will lose control and end up in the hands of the liquidator. You may ask what happens to my eletronic consciousness or some would say soul as we know from science that everything including you and me is made of particles and electricity which can only be recycled.
Where will my electronic consciousness or some would say soul go? For every action there is an equal and opposite one. Your body acquired a consciousness when your parent’s egg and sperm fused. So logically there is a supply of “electronic consiousnesses” which are perpetually being fused with DNA configurations. So when a DNA configuration fuses it acquires by electromagnetic activity an “Electronic Consiousness” or some would say soul. The Sun and other Suns facilitate this fusing activity.
So you ask yourself the question what will my “Electronic Consiousness” or some would say soul fuse with when I get recycled? If we go back to Business model we said that businesses that have more positive assets than negative liabilities stay in control. We also said that those businesses that had more negative liabilities than positive assets lost control of the business. The same can be said for where your “Electronic Consiousness” or some would say soul and where it goes. All DNA has an “Electronic Consiousness” inscluding the DNA you put in the Blender. The other name for a Blender is a Liquidator. So if you are not in control expect your destiny to be out of your control and expect to be a vegetable or similar in your next DNA configuration. Vegetables are boiled and in some cases put in the Blender which is also known as Liquidator.
So my advice is be good, don’t kill or harm DNA and this will have the effect of making sure your positive assets are more than your negative liabilities and then YOU control what happens to your “Electronic Consiousness” or some would say soul when you get recycled.
NB Do not forgive as this condones negative behaviour and will add to your negative liabilities. If you love i.e. Don’t kill or should I say don’t recycle DNA this will add to your positive assets. Currently we all kill DNA even Breatharians kill Viruses. The idea is to reduce what you kill to a minimum making sure your “don’t kill” positive assets are more than your negative “kill liabilities”. Same as an Accounts Balance Sheet.
For those of you who say “survival of fittest” think about the book “Animal Farm” and imagine a Dentist and Optician in the Maze. The Dentist can’t see without Optician and the Optician can’t eat without a Dentist. They need each other and with this in mind they choose to SHARE. Remember there is infinite everything in the INFINITE UNIVERSE. If you divide INFINITE by INFINITE you don’t get one you get INFINITE.