I Hate Bananas, But I Eat Them

Love Truth and Relief
The goal is to get the population to deliver on these core ideals.
In order to understand what love is we first of all need to understand what hate is.
If we hate any living thing then our action is damaging to that living thing.
We kill it.
Therefore I ate bananas I hate bananas I kill bananas.
By saying this my thoughts my words and my actions are truthful and easy to understand.
Now we understand what hate is it is easier to understand what love is.
Scientifically for every action there is an equal and opposite one.
So if hate means killing life then love is the opposite.
This means if we love any living thing then we let it live.
Therefore I love fish.
I don’t eat fish.
I don’t kill fish.
My thoughts words and actions are logically connected and easy to understand.
I make hate with bananas.
I make love with fish.
If love for each other is our goal then death penalty threats must stop.
Secrets lead to what? Lies and insecurity. So no secrets is the only way to live if our goal is TRUTH.
If our goal is global relief we must end capitalism which causes some to eat and others to starve.
To talk about love, truth and relief but not to action is a word beginning with “H”.