I went to a christian church as this is where my parents took me so my knowledge on religions other than christianity is limited. However my experience of religion is to make people fanatical and arrogant saying their’s is the true religion when in reality religion being the worshipping of various delusional gods is best descibed as schizophrenia. Some would regard this type of delusional activity to be harmless but when the delusions send people to war things get nasty in deed. Religions tend to be hypocrital. If we look at christianity the words “Love thy neighbour” and “Thou shalt not kill” seem good. If everyone stuck to these there would be no war so where has it all gone wrong and why are we perpetually at war. A christian song comes to mind “Onward christian soldiers marching unto war with the cross of Jesus going on before”. Apparently there was a man teaching love and his name was not Jesus as this is a Spanish name. I ask myself would the man who taught love have written that song and would he have gone to war? The christians seem to think because the man they murdered by nailing him to a cross forgave them allegedly that this gives the christians the green light to carry out murder and go to war. If that man knew how many would be murdered during nasty wars due to forgiveness then I feel sure he would not forgive anyone ever again. Ask yourself the question “Would I personally nail a man to a cross?” If you answer “yes” then you are breaking the law and would fail a risk assessment leading to you being detained under the Mental Health Act. As for so called gods the christian b book confirms energy can neither be made nor destroyed this is confirmation that there is no creator. I have spoken to various people from around the globe and it appears people see different delusional god images dependent upon where they live on the Planet. As for virgin birth well what can you say it is laughable. Would a man teaching love have agreed with capitalism whereby some get to eat and others starve. Ideally we should not be eating animals as it is both cruel and also is leading to people being on medication due to high cholesterol so eating animals is both murder and suicide if you eat them. So we need to eat something so I suggest we say “Thou shalt not kill animals” and “Love thy animals”. The opposite is true about fruit and vegetables which are intelligent life form. They grow leaves and photosynthesise to produce food without killing anything. Can you do this? No. So fruit and veg are intelligent. So we love animals and hate fruit and veg until we find another way of living that doesn’t require the killing of fruit and veg. Imagine a home that produces its own food and nothing other than bacteria gets killed. Then and only then can you truthfully be saying you love animals, fruit and veg. I was not made by a big black man sat on a cloud I was made by the SUN. See the section on DNA EVOLUTION. The sky is blue due to the SUN and effects which hapen when the SUN’s light comes into contact with particles in the atmosphere. That was just a note for anyone thinking there is a man with a large paint brush and several large cans of blue paint. When they wrote the b book they probably thought the sky was the ceiling as they lived in houses. They simply did not have the intelligence to understand light refraction, atoms and electrons BUT I am surprised they did not understand the Universe is infinite. We are not made in the image of delusional gods we are 7 billion individuals on the Planet that all look different. However because there is nothing to suggest otherwise the Universe is infinite. This means mathematically there are infinite possibilities and infinite probabilities. So there are an infinite number of people in the Universe who look the same as you. They are just too far away to see.