Do Apricot Kernels Cure Cancer?

Are Apricot Kernels a cure for cancer?
I have spoken with two people David Hall and Christine Wilson (Homeopath in Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire) who both had cancer and took Apricot Kernels and the cancer was cured.
David Hall had prostate cancer. His PSA level which is the measure of potential cancer of prostate was high. David had his Prostate Gland removed which is normally enough to cure the cancer in the prostate. Unfortunately David’s PSA level went up after the Prostate Gland was removed. A neighbour spoke about the work of Phillip Day in UK in relation to vitamin B17 which is found in Apricot Kernels and apple pips.
The Apricot Kernels contain a small amount of cyanide which when taken by mouth in normal eating process form cyanic acid with cancer cells enzymes so breaking down cancer cells which then pass out of the body. So only the cancer cells are broken down and no damage to other cells as we see in other medical procedures. You can buy APRICOT KERNELS from health food shops. I personally take 3 apricot kernels on regular basis as what is called a prophylaxis type situation a sort of just in case medication so if any cancer cells start to form my body is prepared for any cancer cells and will break them down. David Hall had his Prostate Gland removed some 15 orbits of the Sun ago and still lives an active life working on his alotment and playing golf thanks to?