The ice is melting on our Planet.


The ice is melting because the Planet is warming. The ice is melting in an attempt to cool the Planet. So the ice is turning to liquid water and the SEA is warming up leading to water vapour rising out of the SEA and forming rain clouds. Could this be why we have had so much rainfall in the UK. It would seem logical to suggest a warming Planet will lead to more water evaporating out of the SEA. Why is it warming? The protective layer in the atmosphere that stops the Planet from heating up is being depleted.
Theoretically plant life should take the carbon dioxide produced by the burning of fossil fuels and the respiring of animal life into their leaves and by the process called photosynthesis use the carbon dioxide to make the plant life grow with help from the SUN. So then what is the problem? There should not be one. However what happens if we keep knocking down trees which take the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere?
The carbon dioxide levels will rise and this in turn damages the protective layer that stops the Planet from heating up. In addition to this if we increase the amount of fossil fuels we burn which produce carbon dioxide then the plant life cannot cope with these high amounts of carbon dioxide. In summary then the Planet should be in “balance” with carbon dioxide levels remaining fairly consistant. Unfortunately because there is more and more industry and the globe is trying to modernise with countries keen for everyone to have more cars, fly more and have houses the end effect is more fossil fuels being burnt leading to the problems we have with the Environment. Unfortunately capitalism is responsible for the mess we are in. The oil industry is the back bone of most economies. It is big business and many pension policies have invested heavilly into the oil industry and expect high returns on their investment. In addition to this our houses are another big investment and are not environmentally friendly as most of them require the burning of fossil fuels.
The SUN produces 1000x the energy we need in the form of heat and light and sound all of which can be converted to electricity to run all our domestic appliances, central heating systems, cars and other forms of transport. So using the SUN is the answer but to build eco homes that look different to bricks and mortar would have a devastating effect on the value of bricks and mortar fossil fuel burning homes.
Capitalism is also wasteful as many products formed have built in weaknesses so they are designed to go wrong in an attempt to maintain demand for more product sales. More manufacturing, more burning of fossil fuels and more landfill sites full of rubbish products that failed due to a built in weakness. A physics student once told me that it is harder to make a light bulb that fails than it is to to make one that lasts forever. Unfortunately this type of mentality leading to the excessive burning of fossil fuels is suicidal for our Planet. The only solution to our problem is to end capitalism and innovate using some of the great ideas that are in Patents Offices across the world. Not to do this is suicide.