Coconut Yoghurt Recipe

Get a can of coconut milk, pour into a mixing jug and stir with a spoon until the mixture smooth.
Pour coconut milk into a glass jar with a lid that doesn’t quite seal allowing some air to circulate, then get probiotic capsules (I use Physis Advanced Probiotics from amazon), break open one probiotic capsule and pour live probiotics on to coconut milk and stir with a fork (not a spoon) until probiotics have dissolved in the coconut milk.
Put the jar of coconut milk and probiotics near an electric storage heater or radiator and leave for 24 hours with lid slightly open to allow air to circulate.
Put the jar of your home-made coconut yoghurt in a fridge.
Superb, and I suspect a fantastic source of Vitamin B12 as B12 is found in bacteria.