I have tried all sorts of diets including some rather strange ones including living on cow’s milk and honey until a doctor pointed out that cow’s milk was for cows. I argued with the doctor that cow’s milk was for humans. I was wrong. The doctor was right cow’s milk is for cows. I have been vegetarian and fruitarian. Steer clear of vegetarian diet as you will replace animal flesh with animal fats from cheese which is high in saturated fat, has anti-biotics in it and oestrogen which is a female hormone.
The male’s reproductive system requires testosterone and I would have thought lots of oestrogen female hormones is bad news for the prostate gland which allows the male to have an orgasm. Cancer of the prostate gland can lead to the removal of the prostate gland meaning the end of the male having an orgasm.
In USA 80% of all anti-biotics are sold to farmers with livestock so those who eat animal substances are getting a regular dose of anti-biotics. This means the body of those who eat any animal substance is getting use to anti-biotics in the body so on needing anti-biotics to cure an infection some anti-biotics fail to work.
Too much oestrogen for girls I would have thought affects female hormonal balance and it is my thinking that suggests cows milk and soya milk which is high in oestrogen could well be responsible for damaging hormonal balance which is critical for having a baby. So miscarriage could be caused by eating cows milk and soya which have high levels of oestrogen.
The fruitarian diet which would appear the most natural one of the lot was impractical (loose poo and being desperate to go is OK if you are in the jungle!!)
I am now raw vegan I eat raw fruit and raw veg. I also eat fungi mushrooms and coconut yogurt, yummy, for vitamin B12. Linseed and Hemp Seed oil for Omega oils. I use an Enpee High Powered Professional Blender 3 horse power (Call Enpee on 0208 9044759 to order your blender which has a Vitamix Motor at half the price of a Vitamix) to make hot raw soup as the blade goes so fast the friction of the blade on the veg heats up the soup, always put soft veg in the blender to begin with on making hot raw soup. I also make fruit smoothies and other delicious recipes including humous which I dip raw broccoli into.
Fruit and veg are protein as plants make proteins in order to grow by the process called photosynthesis. I also eat 3 apricot kernels as these are also anti-cancer which you can order from Vitality Health Food Shop in Wokingham.
Remember red fruit and veg are red for a reason – Iron Oxide. So girls I would recommend lots of red fruit and red veg for more iron. I recently had a blood test and nothing could be found wrong with it. My oxygen % in blood according to testing system was 99%.
Best to steer clear of refined sugar (although glucose is used to keep patients in intensive care alive so it is myth that sugar is totally bad news), salt, animal stuff and bread. If you choose my diet then your cholesterol could be as low as 3 so no need for statins for me or you if you choose to go raw vegan. I don’t eat many nuts as it is thought the oil from nuts stops sugar getting to your cells in the body.
In due course I anticipate that it will be found that eating animals causes high cholesterol leading to blood circulation problems causing heart attacks, strokes and brain problems as animal fats clog up the blood vessels to the brain so reducing the oxygen to the brain. Steer clear of eggs and cheese as eggs are high in cholesterol and so is cheese which is concentrated fat which will clog up your blood vessels. Sugar can cause diabetes. Too much salt is also thought to be bad news. Bread is high in carbon which will make you fat and also usually contains salt and animal stuff.
You may also be interested to know Russia has banned microwaves as these are thought to reduce valuable minerals in the food we eat by changing molecular structures found in the food.
A scientist on BBC TV was interviewed and he confirmed on cooking veg the veg turns into a type of plastic similar to acrylic material due to the heating up of veg causing the particles that make up veg to vibrate fast and the turning of colour indicates the veg is becoming more and more plastic. I have to admit the heating up of veg in my blender does concern me. And if it is found that even hot raw soup is bad news I will alter my diet appropriately. The idea of nutrition in my mind is to limit the harm you are doing to your body to a minimum.