The goal of Telepathic Partnership is to make this planet we live on wonderful for everyone.
1. Abolish money as capitalism is the root cause of friction between individuals, groups and countries and is also the reason many are still starving.
2. Abolish all secret societies as people are forced to lie and in doing so hate both themselves and others.
3. Abolish Knights of Templar as we are led to understand this group are responsible for organizing wars in conjunction with arms companies.
4. Protect our environment on this beautiful planet by stop burning fossil fuels and go with Nanoflowcell technology deriving power from saltwater.
5. End any form of sexual control between consenting adults as nobody wishes to be told who they can and can’t have sex with.
6. If people who have reached puberty with puberty being the defining stage where someone goes from child to adult as the body has changed and is either producing eggs or sperm for a reason and that reason is for reproduction to take place then if they consent then no one has the right to stop them.
7. Build environmentally friendly villages based on strong maintenance free geodesic domes made from aluminium and glass for a light building.
8. Manufacture products that don’t go wrong due to a built in weakness in the product – Currently many products end up in landfill as companies under capitalism need repeat sales in order to employ people.
9. People to pull together doing voluntary work where required with the goal being to reduce work to an absolute minimum and let people have as much fun as possible.