Self Harm

What is self harm? It is anything we do to our bodies that harms the body. So then cutting yourself is not the only form of self harm. We also need to include smoking, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy stuff and other drugs which are not normally available in a pharmacy. I have met a number of patients in hospital who self harm. I asked Lucy in hospital if she loved herself. Lucy replied that she hated herself. I asked Lucy why and she replied her parents had told her that she would never amount to much. As a consequence of this negative programming from her parents Lucy had low self esteem, low self worth, depression, self hate and the result of all this is self harm. So how do we get Lucy to delete this negative programming which has lead to her hating herself. In science we find there are equal and opposite reactions so if the problem is self hate then Lucy needs to achieve self love. Someone who loves themself will not self harm. The only exception to this is the food we eat which contains DNA foreign to our own DNA. When we eat DNA it has the effect of acting as a virus to our own body’s ability to repair our cells in our bodies. This is why we change in appearance and some would say this is self harm But until we can find another way to fuel our bodies we have to accept that we all self harm when we eat DNA. Effectively our DNA dictates our appearance. If our appearance is changing then logically our DNA is changing as well. This is why forensic science often used in criminal cases is not a perfect science as our DNA is changing as we eat. So going back to Lucy who hates herself the best advice is for Lucy to say to herself “I love me”. The best way to achieve this is for Lucy to write down “I love me” 10x and then keep on saying it to herself until Lucy has reprogrammed her brain with love and in doing so delete the self hate thoughts and then logically Lucy will not want to self harm as she now loves herself. The other beautiful thing that will happen once Lucy has achieved the state of mind of love she will have the wonderful gift of love.