Scientific Jokes

Please find below some Scientific Jokes to Make You Smile and Laugh
1. Do you know your Thailand date of birth? Currently the year in Thailand is approximately 2560
2. Do you know your Iraqi date of birth? Currently the year is approximately 1445
3. Do you know your Maya Tribe date of birth in Mexico? Currently the year is approximately 19950.
4. Do you know your Chinese year date of birth? I am not sure if it is the year of the Cat.
5. Do you know your Australian date of birth? They are according to them 1 day before UK.
6. Do you know your date of birth in the Universe? Haha
7. How long is a second? Drop a feather from shoulder height and when it hits ground that’s a second ain’t it!
8. Fast seconds “one” and slow seconds “onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne”!
9. What is the time in space? Where are we?
10. Russia is in the West if you keep going West and West you will eventually get to Russia!
11. The Moon god is responsible for igniting the Sun when you get up on Monday morning and hence the day is called Monday after Moon god.
12. As the Sun is a sort of Fire, Moon god uses stick and flint as we all know fire is made when you rub a stick and flint together!
13. The Sun goes up and down and into the sea where it is extinguished this is called night!
14. Then when it is Wednesday Woden god re-ignites the Sun with stick and flint again and sun fires up to be extinguished when sun goes down and into sea!
15. On Friday it is Friar’s turn to fire up Sun. She struggles with stick and flint as those wings get in the way! Not easy to work with stick and flint when you are flying!!
16. In the beginning god got a job with Pilkington Glass in order to make a mirror to see how he looked in order to make adam!
17. After shaping the clay god decided that because life forms are approximately 60% – 80% water with the brain being mostly water he needed to fill adam’s brain with water BUT not just any kind of water. He used magical or miracle urine! He urinated in adam’s ear BUT splash back occurred from ear drum and also leakage down eustachian tube so it was IMPOSSIBLE.