10 god delusions

Where do the 10 god delusions come from?
Lodge members built the churches for various religions. Lodge members have the ability to produce images and plant them in the mind of an individual. Most lodge members are not masons as most do not work with stone. As for being “FREE” they do not work for free they charge money. As for being mentally free they are far from this as the 10 god delusions manipulate them with the hierarchy controlling lodge members. The hierarchy are known as masters or grand masters of the lodge. There is also a royal lodge and with the queen in the UK being head of the christian church and the government the connections are clear to be seen. It appears then that an individual who joins the lodge is asked to choose a god! This happens when the individual’s mind is calibrated for mind reading telepathy. This calibration is done by other lodge members using electronic thought to calibrate the individual’s mind. I have interviewed people from all over the globe and it appears people with lighter brown skin (no one is white just compare your skin to a piece of white paper) see a light brown god delusion. People in Africa see a dark brown god delusion (No one is black there are no grey children are there!). There are 8 other delusions that are planted into the mind of individuals all over the globe. The best way to describe it is to say it is religious marketing by the lodge AND also a way to control the individual by using the 10 god delusions to control the mind of the individual. I was asked to join the lodge and a master of the lodge explained about the 10 images. Clearly I did not join the lodge as I disagree with having secrets and as for agreements to harm someone this is clearly madness as was confirmed by a psychiatric doctor Banu Isik Canpolat. It is clear to Banu that lodge members are unwell. Banu knows her ultimate boss is the queen so she knows her job with the NHS would be uncertain if she was to section the queen under the Mental Health Act. However the queen and other lodge members should be sectioned or if this is not practical due to a lack of hospital beds the lodge members should be put under a Community Treatment Order (CTO) and be released from it when the secrets of the lodge are in the public domain and lodge members have deleted all the self hate from their minds and been replaced with self love.