Deleting Masonic Oath

Simply say “I love ME”
The oaths sworn by lodge members have damaged the human population. It is logical that anyone who has agreed to have any harm done against themselves is in a poor mental state. The oaths sworn, and there are six of them, we understand, have been agreed to as various degrees of telepathic skills are calibrated into the lodge member’s mind have the effect of making the lodge member “low”. The effects on the lodge member are low self esteem, low self worth, depression, self hate and in some cases actual self harm.
So then what is the solution to this negative mind set? If the problem is self hate then the solution is what? SELF LOVE. Simply write down the words “I Love Me” 10 times and then read what you have written. It is a simple technique tried and tested in schools and it works well.
Contact us for individual help. Our goal is to make you feel great, build up self esteem, increase self worth, delete depression, replace self hate with self love and to totally stop any thoughts of self harm. So get to it write down the words “I Love Me”. There is nothing to be afraid of whether you are a first degree lodge member or master or grand master. You will soon feel great again telepathic and FREE to talk with no secrets. If you have secrets this only leads to insecurity and a negative mind set. Remember the core ideals Love Truth and Relief. If you are truthful you do not have secrets. If you are truthful you do not have to lie. And remember I love me will give you a wonderful gift called I love YOU.