Hearing Voices

Where Do the voices come from?
We know lodge members are telepathic and can plant delusions in peoples minds. You may well say so what? Unforuntately lodge members have a poor state of mind as they have agreed to various acts of harm against themselves. The result of this is to leave lodge members with self hate in their mind. The effect of this is for lodge members to have the gift of hate towards other human beings. In particular anyone who is not a lodge member is known as being “Faithful”. The Faithful are not normally conscious of telepathy or mind reading however the subconscious mind is aware of the thoughts of others. If an individual has thoughts which lodge members find intolerable the lodge members “beat up” the individual by planting worrying thoughts in the individual’s mind. A common one is threats to eat the individual. In some cases the lodge members plant voices in the individual’s mind in order to manipulate the individual making the individual do odd things. A common one is the removing of clothes. The individual feels compelled to take their clothes off as the voices are telling them to do this. The individual draws attention to themselves and is then normally sectioned under the Mental Health Act. The idividual has become a type of hypnotized robot due to the actions of lodge members. The individual is doing strange things because they have been beaten up in the same way as someone breaking someone’s leg. So the individual is not actually responsible for doing strange things. The lodge member who insisted the individual takes their clothes off is responsible for the individual doing strange things and therefore the lodge member is the one who is actually mentally sick by making someone do such a strange thing as the removal of clothes.
How to control the voices
As already explained lodge members have agreed to harm to be done to themselves. Best then to interact with the voices by talking aloud or thinking or possibly both and remind the voice that they have agreed to be disembowelled and tell the voice to crack on and disembowel themselves. If the voice says to you “You are scared of the knife” say to the voice “If you are not scared of the knife you crack on and disembowel yourself”. If the voices keep on persisting then keep on reminding the voice they have agreed to be disembowelled and insist they have agreed to it and urge the voice to disembowel themselves. The voices will go away.