Masons have become paranoid about being controlled.

The issue they have is control or be controlled.
The problem being on discovering the world was round and that the world goes around the sun left religions in tatters and notions of 7 rotations making a week and various invented gods including moon god monday, woden wednesday, thor thursday and friar friday being utter nonsense has led to masons losing control because knowledge is power.
So those who continue with the strange idea that the Universe was made in 7 rotations are lacking in education and some would say knowledge.
Fearful of losing power the masons have beaten up those with the knowledge by simply hypnotising them into for example taking all their clothes off and masturbating in front of people.
So who is mentally ill the person who is naked and masturbating or those who have hypnotised someone to go naked and masturbate?
Masons have become thought paranoid I quite often think utter nonsense including has Elizabeth got 6 vaginas so thinking is not important it is what you say and do that counts what you think is completely irrelevant.
How are we to cure the masons? By hating them? No. That would make us as bad as them.