Telepathic Partnership was formed

Telepathic Partnership was originally formed to tell the world the truth about who is telepathic including the masons and those who associate with Paul McCartney.
With each oath the masons have sworn come different telepathic skills including the ability to see through others eyes and listen through other ears.
Unfortunately agreeing to be disembowelled on several occasions has left the mason in a terrible self hating state of mind.
All this hatred has spread across our planet. So much for the telling off now lets try and find a cure to all the self hate.
If the problem is self hate then the cure is what? The opposite Self Love.
It is easy to spot a mason simply ask the person do they hate themselves or love themselves.
I can guarantee all masons say they hate themselves so then so much for the secrets.
So effectively the masons are saying I hate me So they need to say I love me over and over until all the negative programming has gone.
Imagine a world where everyone said I love me what would the effect be on the planet? No pollution in the air, no sea polluted with plastic No making products that fail just for them to fill up landfill sites and provide an income stream for capitalism which is essentially the luddites in practice as capitalism has stifled innovation