What is all the fuss about

Mind reading.
Mind manipulation.
Planting delusional religious images in the minds of lodge members. We underastand the lodge have 10 so called god images all of which have been invented by the lodge in conjunction with various religions. We also understand the lodge uses these images to give out orders to lodge members including some very damaging calls to go to war. This must stop.
Subliminal hypnotism.
Listening through other peoples ears.
Looking through others eyes.
X-ray vision.
The ability to move objects using the power of the mind.
We expect a full list to be released by The Grand Lodge soon when they are feeling well. Soon we hope if they keep saying “I love Me” and want to be truly FREE to speak openly in public about anything and everything. Remember the human body is simply electrical energy and infinitely small particles and so is a camera, microphone and loud speakers combined with a computer brain Wi-Fi system broadcasting and receiving to and from other creatures!