Trading Financial Model

New Trading Financial Model Partly based on similar concept to John Lewis Partnership in UK
Set minimum wage at £20 per hour.


1. Everyone working could buy their own house.
2. Stimulate house building.
3. Stimulate entire economy.
4. Increase tax revenue for NHS and Education.
5. Free Market capitalism would ensure goods and services remained competively price as businesses would still compete for business and would not want to lose the business.
6. A fairer society where CEOs were not paid millions to the detriment of the other workers of a business.
7. I prefer the John Lewis style of trading only with each worker (partner as in John Lewis Partnership) being paid an equal share of the profits.
8. If the minimum wage was set at £20 per hour this would give every worker a salay of approximately £50,000.
9. It would be better if a CEO’s salary could not be more than 10x the salary of the lowest paid worker this now being the minimum wage salary based on £20 per hour which produces a minimum salary of £50,000 and a maximum salary for CEO’s of 10x this i.e. £500,000.
10. All profits made by the company would be shared equally among the workers no matter what their salary.
11. Example: If a company with 10 staff in total makes £1million in net profit then all 10 staff get a profit share of £100,000 each. So the lowest paid worker receives £50,000 salary plus £100,000 profit TOTAL income £150,000 while the CEO gets paid £500,000 salary plus £100,000 profit TOTAL income £600,000.
12. In summary this a much fairer way to employ people who are a team working together for the good of the company and not just to put profits in the hands of shareholders and those who run businesses.