Life Support

The infinite Universe consists of infinite energy which is continually changing forms. All life relies upon other life. This is commonly known as a symbiotic relationship. Through the process called photosynthesis which is the process by which plant life grows the following happened:
Plant life require there to be water and I personally think there is a link between chlorophyll that plants have in their leaves and sodium chloride (commonly known as salt). I ask myself where are there large amounts of water and salt. SEA.
So for me I think plant life began in sea probably near the equator as logically there is maximum light here and heat both of which are required for photosynthesis and germination. Read the section on DNA EVOLUTION. So the SUN is responsible for fusing DNA in all life both animal and plant. The configuration of the Planets stirs up electromagnetic field mutating, changing and adding to Plant DNA when Plant Life reproduces. Different chemical on the Sea bed have given plant life different colours.
As we know the SUN heats up sea to form rain clouds. So logically Plant life seeds must have travelled up into clouds by piggy backing water molecules. This is how plant life moved from the Sea to the land. The process of photosynthesis sees leaves of the plant taking carbon dioxide into their leaves through pores on the back of leaves called stomata. Plant life also takes water up into the plant leaves where SUN light splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The carbon dioxide fuses with the hydrogen from the water and then the carbohydrate fuses with nitrogen Plant life has taken up using the plants roots where nitrogen is found in the ground. Some vegetation has been known to grow without the need for soil so nitrogen must have got there from dissolving into water from the air. So then the Plant life makes proteins for growth by combining carbon dioxide, hydrogen from the water and nitrogen.
There are many other minerals found in vegetation including iron. When plant life splits water the other product given off is oxygen which we animals breathe. When we breathe we breakdown the plant life we have eaten. So the protein which is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen found in the Plant life we eat changes form into carbon dioxide we breathe out and sweat water through our skin, pass water and poo (nitrates which contain nitrogen). So the carbon dioxide we breathe out, the water we sweat and pass, and the poo (nitrates containing nitrogen) all get recycled back into the Plant life. So we need the plants and the plants need us. Therefore there is a symbiotic relationship between us animals and plants. Iron is also recycled leaving the female body during menstruation and leaving the body in poo when cells which are no longer required and have been replaced. Every 7 revolutions of the SUN every cell in the body is replaced.