What does it do? The Universe is made of energy. When we see space we tend to think there is nothing there but this would be incorrect it is all about density or you could say concentration of energy which is everywhere in the Universe. By energy we mean mass and electricity. Mass is made of infinitely small particles. Some would say atoms. Others would say quarks. But what do you call a particle that is smaller than a quark or in other words half a quark? We just need a stronger microscope to see it. So off we go into infinity. Mass simply will not disappear. Electricity is a flow of electrons or some would say gluens. Again electricity cannot be destroyed only recycled.
The Sun is just one Sun in an infinite number of Suns as the Universe is infinite as there is nothing to suggest otherwise. We just need a stronger telescope to see more of the Universe. The Suns produce heat, light and sound. Heat, light and sound can be converted into electrical flow. Therefore Suns produce electricity. It is electricity that changes the “form” of mass. We see this in the manufacturing of anything. A car is made of iron atoms. Electricity is needed to form the car’s design. If we look at life forms DNA in the human example comes from the parents BUT the offspring are not clones of the parents and while the offspring may have similar characteristics you will notice skin colour, hair colour and eye colour are for example all different to that of both parents.
Why is this? It is because electricity from the Suns has fused the parents DNA and this is when the baby foetus becomes conscious and therefore some would say the Suns are storing life “souls”. I would prefer to say consciousness is electricity as thoughts are electrical. Not only do the Suns fuse the DNA the Suns also change or mutate and ADD to the parent’s DNA and hence the baby has different characteristics to that of both parents thanks to electricity from the Suns.
The Suns produce light and heat which as already mentioned are electrical. The heat electricity is responsible for plants germinating and the light electricity splits water into hydrogen and oxygen in the leaves of the plant life as part of the process known as photosynthesis. So the Suns electricity is responsible for producing oxygen and the forming of food in plants. See also the section on LIFE SUPPORT.
So how long have Suns energy been in existence. Well it was all down to a big man of African descent who went to a Do It Yourself store and bought a big bottle of gas and some matches! Just kidding. Even the christian “b” book confirms energy can neither be made nor destroyed. Many scientists agree with this as there is nothing to suggest otherwise. So the Suns energy has been in existence forever. From a chemistry point of view the Suns energy are known as chemical reactions in dynamic equilibrium.