Time Delusion

There is a relationship between space and time. There is nothing to suggest otherwise therefore space is infinite. Because space is infinite then time must be the same. Therefore there is no time. Everything is made of energy. By energy we mean mass held together with electricity. Some would say atoms and electrons. Others would say quarks and glutens. But what do we call half a quark. I think I have just discovered another atomic particle we just need a stronger microscope to see it. But thinking about the particle what do we call half of that and off into infinity. Apart from “Love thy neighbour” and “Thou shalt not kill” there is another interesting statement in the b book which confirms that energy can neither be made nor destroyed. This confirms that all energy has been in existence forever and therefore there was no beginning and the words create and creator need to be deleted. I have spoken with various people and it appears the muslims think there is a year and it is 1440. The christians think there is a year and it is 2014. People in Thailand calling themselves budhists say it is 2557. The Chinese have got all sorts of ideas of their own. I smell a rat. It is clear to me that anyone who thinks there is a year is unwell. Unfortunately religions and governments are controlling the population on our Planet using delusional time. What is the time in space? Where are we? Our Planet is a big spaceship travelling in inifinite space with its movement being influenced by the SUN and other Planets that get their form from the SUN and an infinite number of SUNs in the infinite Universe.