You Don't die

You Don’t die
What a thing to say and how do I know? Science is interesting. I studied Biology Chemistry and Physics. These sciences when taught alone are powerful. By cross referencing from one science to another the knowledge becomes incredibly powerful. The human body is what? Some would say flesh and blood. What is flesh? It is protein. Protein is carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen. What are carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen? They are elements in the Periodic Table. What make up elements? They are made of atoms and electrons. What are atoms made of? They are made of quarks and gluens. What do we call half a quark? I think I have just discovered another atomic particle we just need a stronger microscope to see it. This particle I have just discovered. What do we call half of that and off into infinity. So human beings are made of energy that has been existence forever. What is consciousness. It is electronic. Where does it come from? All electricity comes from the SUN in the forms of heat, light and sound. Your parents DNA is different to yours. Hair colour, eyes, skin colour and so on are all different to your parents. The SUN fused your parents DNA together and changed, mutated and added to your parents DNA to produce you. At this point your consciousness is fused with your parents DNA. So your consciousness is electricity from the SUN. For every action there is an equal and opposite one. Your consciousness came from the SUN therefore it must go back to the SUN on the heart stopping to beat. So life is perpetual, continuous. You don’t die. You live on continually in the infinite universe. Blood is made of haemoglobin which is made of iron another element. All energy is perpetually recycled. So humans don’t die we are recycled along with all living things.
Cremation and burial
If your body is cremated it will be broken down into water vapour, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases. The water vapour will go up into the atmosphere to form rain clouds which will rain on vegetation. The water will go up the roots of the vegetation and by the process called photosynthesis which plants do to make food, proteins for growth the water is split by the SUN shining on the leaves and the electricity from the SUN splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen from the water fuses with the carbon dioxide that also came from your cremated body. And finally to make protein the plant uses the nitrogen from your cremated body to make protein. So your cremated body will become an apple or a banana or any other kind of vegetation. The vegetation will be eaten by animals. Animals breathe out carbon dioxide, go to the loo (water mainly) and poo (nitrates, nitrogen gases) and the whole lot is recycled back into the vegetation to form more apples, bananas and other vegetation.
If you are buried your body will decompose by bacteria in the soil eating your body. The bacteria breathe out carbon dioxide produce water vapour and nitrogen based gases and the same process of photosynthesis occurs with all the elements being recycled.