I have been married. It did not work for me and according to research I am not alone as somewhere in the region of 50% of marriages don’t work.
How many people stay married despite being unhappy just because the marriage has become a financial agreement that keeps a roof over their heads?
This I find is a particularly worrying fact for women who may have to have sex with someone they are no longer interested in just because they need to keep a roof over their head. How awful for women. As for men what can I say being a man? I found that when I was married I found myself fancying other women and in deed wanted to have sex with other women.
If a man gets an erection in the presence of a woman then he clearly wants sex with that woman. If the woman in this scenario is wet then I can see no reason why society should stop these two people from having sex. To deny them sex will only lead to sexual frustration, leading to passive anger which if taken globally then could lead to war.
We as humans are just ageless recycled energy and if you read the section on TIME DELUSION then you will understand there simply is no time it is just society trying to control us with nonsense ideas. In my mind if someone has reached puberty then their body is ready for sex. To deny them sex will only lead to sexual frustration, passive anger and war.