Water House Solar Homes

Water House Solar Homes is a revolutionary plan to build a home that produces its own food for the occupants.

Using the principle a tree uses to grow, being photosynthesis, the home splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using a special membrane similar to that developed by a company called Hydrogen Solar.

Oxygen from the reaction is fed into the home for the occupants to breathe.

Hydrogen from the membrane is fused to the carbon dioxide the occupants of the home breathe out to form carbohydrate.

The carbohydrate formed by the Water House Solar Home is eaten by the occupants of the Water House Solar Home.

It is also envisaged that the home can be powered by salt water similar to the Nanoflowcell project in Switzerland who have developed a car that runs on salt water.

These designs and principles could be used as part of a design for interplanetary craft should we need to leave this planet due to an emergency.

Craft that fly would need to “Act” as a miniature planet producing the same electrical charge as our planet enabling the craft to repel away from our planet in the same way that same poles of a magnet repel each other.

It is envisaged that salt water could be used to power the craft by producing an infinite electrical loop the design of which is not currently available.

The infinite electrical loop would produce the electromagnetic charge designed to repel the craft away from the ground with some sort of variable voltage device used to increase and reduce the electronic charge of the craft.

Increasing and decreasing the voltage would allow the craft to take off and land.

If the design principles are used for domestic flights on this planet this would be satisfactory.

The one thing we must not do under any circumstances apart from a global evacuation due to an emergency is to take water away from the planet we live on.

If water was taken away from the planet it would change the mass and structure of our beautiful planet.

A change in mass and structure would alter the electromagnetic forces between our planet and other planets leading to changes in our orbit of the sun.

Currently our planet orbits the sun in a satisfactory manner with the sun being a life maintaining distance from our planet. We must not do anything that would alter this life maintaining distance from the sun.