MediPOINT HealthPharm

MediPOINT HealthPharm is our project to help pharmacies provide additional services by having a treatment room in the pharmacy. This will mean for example a physiotherapist can work in the pharmacy in a clean safe environment with pharmacy customer traffic captive to make appointments to see the physiotherapist.

So the pharmacy is paid by the physiotherapist for renting the MediPOINT HealthPharm Treatment Room in the pharmacy. The physiotherapist is paid by patients. In addition GPs are able to contract more cost effective e.g. physiotherapy treatment for their patients. Physiotherapists in hospitals are expensive for GPs to pay for.

MediPOINT HealthPharm provides cost effective treatment local to patients who in many cases feel stressed out at the travel issues with getting to a hospital. MediPOINT HealthPharm also offers the service of finding e.g. a physiotherapist to work in the pharmacy. The pharmacy needs to decide which products are not really health care and remove those products to allow the building of a MediPOINT HealthPharm Treatment Room.