MediPOINT Kiosks

MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosks is our touchscreen project primarily for patient self-diagnosis to work alongside skilled healthcare practitioners in health centers and pharmacies. Patients simply touch on a screen and the health care information relating to the patient’s illness is offered to the patient. The touchscreen program uses A-Z of illnesses and a user-friendly graphics feature called Happy Health Family to help patients identify their illness and receive appropriate information and a list of associated medicines to help the patient.

All healthcare information is written by the health practitioners at the health centre or pharmacy site. The host health centre and pharmacy sites can sell advertising space to the pharmaceutical industry to help offset the cost of computer hardware. There is no guarantee of selling space, however, MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosks allow the pharmaceutical industry to connect directly with patients which is appealing to pharmaceutical industry. All touch activity is captured by the MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosk so valuable research data can be sent back to the pharmaceutical industry.

MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosks can also be used for Staff Training initiatives which are fun for staff to use and more effective than paper based non interactive systems. A MediPOINT HealthPharm Treatment Room Patient Booking system can be added to the MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosk computer touch screen program allowing patients to book treatment to see e.g. physiotherapist. Patients can also pay for their treatment with the addition of EMV card reader.